Be a Badass Woman! Vulnerably...

New Year’s resolution.

Every year, I try to write 10 biggest news at the end of the year. In 2018, I wrote about my 10 biggest accomplishments, which I shared on FB (and maybe I should share it here later).

Every year on the first day of the year, I write New Year’s Resolution. This year, I wrote one as usual, so I wanna share them here.

  1. Be a Badass Woman! (Vulnerably):

    Last year, I was able to learn how to draw clearer boundaries. I was able to say NO and act NO when I felt I wasn’t respected or treated right. I’m proud of that and I want to continue my journey to strengthening the ability to draw healthy boundaries. The word that came up to my mind is “badass.” But at the same time, I want to be able to admit and embrace my weakness. So, the key word for my 2019 is “Vulnerably Badass.” I don’t even know if it makes sense in English, but as long as it reminds me what my goals are this year, they work.

  2. Give My Boys Opportunities to Travel to Japan and more:

    Since my first son has cancer now, he cannot travel overseas, but I hope he’ll be cancer free when he finishes his chemo routine in April. Then I would love to take him to Japan so he can meet his Grandma, Uncle and Aunt again like last year. And I want my second son to experience the same this time. If possible, I want them to experience another country too to see different things and experience new things.

  3. Work with a Tax Accountant:

    In December 2018, I met a tax accountant and got some information and advice on claiming business expenses. I didn’t know much about it, and it was such an eye-opening experience as a freelancer.

  4. Invest More in My Business and Myself:

    Since I learned about business expense, I wanna invest more in my business and myself. I’ve always had a fear of spending/losing money, so a lot of times, I tend not to by even necessary things. This year, I wanna learn to spend money in order to make better outcomes, better business, and better self.

  5. Develop My Professional Skills:

    As a way to invest in my professional self, I would like to attend QIIC, Qatar Institute for Intercultural Communication which is held from April 17th to 19th. Since April 19th is my birthday, I decided last year that I would go to Qatar to attend it. I’ve attended SIIC, Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in Portland Oregon in 2015, and it was amazing, so I believe QIIC will be an amazing one as well. If you’re interested in coming, please check their website at

  6. Present at Conferences, Seminars, Lectures:

    I submitted a proposal to SIETAR EUROPA CONGRESS If I’m accepted, I’ll be going to Belgium to introduce what my colleagues and I did for a virtual Contrast Culture Method session. I hope my proposal will be admitted. I have a content called Adversity to Advocacy, which talks about how I decided to do book-reading/story-telling volunteer work at the elementary school my first son graduated. So I hope I can present this at many places this year.

  7. Start a Blog:

    To let more people know what I do, I wanna write blog articles this year. I used to write blog entries almost everyday during pre-FB era, and I had “fans” back then and held many off-line meetings. But after started an FB with my real name, my posts tend to be shorter, and I didn’t really share much about what I’m thinking or feeling. This year, I want to do it again.

  8. Start a Vlog:

    I believe the digital contents will be more “visual” and video clips will be a better way to deliver messages, I’ll start a Vlog. I started using Instagram/Facebook stories, so first I’ll get used to them, then later, I wanna make video contents.

  9. Receive ICF ACC Coaching Credential:

    Although I have an Official Coaching Certificate from Coach Master’s Academy and have coaching clients, I haven’t applied for ICF’s Associate Certified Coach credential. I’ll apply this year as an investment for my future as a coach.

  10. Explore New Countries:

    I try to visit at least one new country every year, but I couldn’t do so last year. So, this year, I’d like to visit at least two new counties. If everything works, I can at least visit Qatar and Belgium. I wanna make this come true!